How to Get a Fast Approval Template for Your Blogger

How to Get a Fast Approval Template for Your Blogger

Many bloggers are constantly on the look for new and exciting ways to improve their blogs and make them more successful.

One of the most popular ways to do this is through custom templates, which can help you bring more attention to your website with a design that really suits your brand and its target audience.

However, obtaining one of these templates usually requires prior approval from the blogger itself, which can take weeks or even months!

This guide will show you how to get a fast approval template in just two simple steps!

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What is Standardized Ad Format?
Standardized ad formats are becoming more and more common on many of today’s top ad networks, including Facebook and AdWords.

This is primarily because standardized formats mean easy implementation of ads across multiple networks, resulting in advertisers seeing higher campaign ROI.

In fact, when you choose an advertising network like Google AdSense, one of your main considerations should be whether or not that network offers any standardized ad formats.

(More on Google AdSense in Chapter 4.)

Google Benefits from Standardized Ads

Google created its standard ad formats to give advertisers more options and make it easier for consumers to understand what’s being offered.

It also helps Google streamline its own processes by ensuring all of its ads are in one specific format.

This allows Google to better track performance, which makes it easier for advertisers as well.

For example, if you’re running display ads on your website via Google AdSense, you can use an automated bid strategy that’s based on your CTR goals.

What are the Benefits of Standardized Ads?

According to Forbes contributor Anthony Iannarino, companies that use standardized ads are significantly more likely to be successful than those that don’t.

Iannarino has studied thousands of businesses in his efforts to discover what differentiates top performers from poor ones and he has come up with a list of five benefits that standardized advertising provides.

You can read about these advantages here.

3 Easy Steps to Get Your Own Ad Formats

{1}Build an Audience. First, you need a built-in audience and significant readership without them, your ads will be seen as spam by Google and you’ll likely get banned from AdSense right away. 2.

Show Google You Can Generate Revenue From AdSense. After that, it’s time to make Google believe you can generate revenue from AdSense or else they won’t take your application seriously.

Choose your format options
If you’re looking to get your template approved quickly, it’s best to choose from one of our pre-approved templates.

We have three versions available: General, Business, and Professional. Our general template is perfect for bloggers who need space on their site for events and announcements.

Our business template is designed specifically with small businesses in mind businesses will find it has all of the necessary elements they need to operate an online store.

Set up ads on AdWords Editor
This is an AdWords feature that allows you to edit and test your Adwords campaigns directly from your browser.

Just log in, go under settings, and scroll down until you see Enable Adwords Editor. Switch it on, save changes.

Now you’re ready to get started with doing live editing (all without downloading any templates). Here’s how

Create beautiful ad layouts
For many bloggers, their main source of income is through advertising.

Before you run any ads on your site, it’s important that they fit with your brand and add value to your readers.

Here are some tips for creating ads that will get approved quickly:

create beautiful ad layouts; use limited graphics; don’t use too much text; find out if there are size restrictions or rules regarding where you can place them on your site.

Budget and targeting options
Although your initial set-up costs will depend on how much you’re able to spend, and what options you decide on, it’s important that your page is properly targeted and budgeted from day one.

Google AdWords allows you to target potential customers by age, location, gender, interests and even behavioural patterns; therefore ensuring that your ads are seen by exactly who you want.

While creating an advert is free of charge up until 20 April 2014 after which Google will begin charging £1 per day for each ad it’s worth bearing in mind that bidding for prime spots will cost more.

Pick your blog type
There are four main types of blogger templates: business, portfolio, landing page and multipurpose.

If you’re going to set up a traditional business website, you will want to choose business template.

The second type of templates is portfolio theme, which is usually used by designers who want their website visitors get familiar with their work before making an order.

Multipurpose themes are useful if you have many purposes on your site, like selling goods or hosting an online store.

Click Submit and Done!
As easy as that. All you have to do is click Submit and your image will be reviewed.

Once it has been approved, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your approval notification.

Now that you know how fast approval works, you can rest assured knowing that your website images are ready to go!

Happy blogging!

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