How to free traffic with 5 minutes of time

How to free traffic with 5 minutes of time

Did you know that many of the biggest websites in the world get over half of their website traffic from social media sites?

That’s right if you want to increase your website traffic, you should spend some time getting involved with the major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to help you accomplish your goals.

However, many people find it difficult to get started with free traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube

because they do not have time to create great content or they have other responsibilities that prevent them from spending more time on their website.

1) Free Traffic
There are many people who dream about creating an online business and becoming successful entrepreneurs.

However, most people don’t know how to get started.

If you want to start your own online business, it’s important that you understand how search engines can help drive customers to your site.

One thing is for sure, you need traffic if you want people visiting your website.

2) Identify Who Your Perfect Audience

Start by identifying who your perfect audience is.

If you’re not sure what type of people would most likely read your post, think about your own perfect customer.

Put yourself in their shoes and imagine what they need help with.

This will give you a solid starting point from which to identify gaps in information or useful products/services you can offer them as a solution.

3) Gather Fresh and Original Content

While Google’s not quite as picky about original content (due in part to search engines being fairly smart), it is still a positive mark on your site if you add lots of original, high-quality articles.

The more new information you can add that’s relevant and valuable, while simultaneously updating older pieces, will do wonders for your SEO.

Also, new content provides users fresh reasons to come back again and again so they click more ads!

4) Create a Schedule to Create New Articles

Knowing how to write articles doesn’t mean you know how to create new posts consistently.

With a little effort, you can establish a schedule that will allow you to continually provide fresh content for your readers, building trust and loyalty along the way.

Here are some options: You could post every Monday and Thursday or twice a week at specific times.

If your site is about money, try posting before 8 a.m., noon and 5 p.m., when most people check their finances each day.

5) Use Tags, Categories, and Anchor Text

One way to increase your site’s visibility is by using tags and categories.

Think about it if you were Googling a certain topic, what would you be more likely to search for:

Free Traffic Guide or Free Traffic Methods?

Although they are nearly identical phrases, most people would be more likely to type in free traffic methods.

Use tags and categories to make your post easier for users to find later on.

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