The Best Searchable Keywords for Mega Millions

Mega million

The Best Searchable Keywords for Mega Millions

Mega Millions, the massive multi state lottery game, has drawn many headlines lately as players across the country have won over $1 billion in prizes in its latest drawing,

and one lucky winner won the biggest prize in U.S. lottery history at $1.6 billion! With this much money on the line, it’s no wonder people are so excited about this game.

Here’s what you need to know about where to find searchable keywords that can help you win millions of dollars playing Mega Millions!

Set up your Google Alerts

Set up Google Alerts so you know when your chosen keywords are trending.

This will give you a heads up on any potential media stories that you could share as well as create content around.

For example, a recent Google Alert sent me news of the Mega Millions lottery, which had sold out and was nearing an historic jackpot.

By writing about my own personal experiences with playing the game, I have secured key links to Yahoo!

and MSN who publish my post through their new SEO social blog network Content Collective.

Select from the Popular Numbers

1) I won $1 in the lottery!
This blog is too happy to be true and the writer probably didn’t really win anything.

2) I won $1,000,000!
Anyone who writes a blog like this probably didn’t win anything, or they are trying to make people think they won but it’s a lie.

3) Winning at all makes you lucky You have to buy a ticket in order to win so that sentence doesn’t make sense.

Find Top Jackpotting Combinations

1. All of the first five white balls that have been drawn, which are no longer in play, and a combination of five new balls drawn from among those balls not previously selected.

2. The remaining 11 numbers, chosen by the second draw after the original group was reduced to five white balls due to somebody selecting all six main numbers in any one of the first 20 draws since October 27th 2017 (five on October 27th) or 3 on November 3rd).

These 11 numbers were chosen at random when we were printing this brochure.

Look at Approximate Odds of Winning
So the odds of winning Mega Millions can vary depending on a few factors.

The odds of winning the jackpot is 1 in 258,890,850.

But each prize tier varies depending on how many tickets were sold and what type they are.

For example, if you buy an average $1 ticket your chances of winning a prize are about 1 in 18 but you have about a 9% chance of matching all six numbers and becoming a multi-millionaire!

Ignore 0 and 00 combinations
Mega Millions is a lottery game available in these United States, Canada, and Mexico.

If you’re looking to win the jackpot, then your chances are pretty good with odds of 1 in 258.9 million.

However, your best chance at scoring a prize (in any amount) is when you play 10 different lines which can guarantee that you will win something.

To take full advantage of your 10 picks or 25 total numbers, here are some words and phrases that could help generate winning combinations:

Don’t Forget About Powerball!

In the world of small businesses, there is no other competition bigger than the Powerball.

If you’re like me and you do any searches at all for your products or services (obviously because of blogging), then you can’t afford to miss out on Powerball.

I say this because all these people are doing searches and reading blogs and if they see yours, there’s a chance they’ll sign up with your company or buy your product.

Wouldn’t that be great? Well, here are some key searchable words that might help: powerball, mega millions; lotto; lottery; jackpot

Try Out Different Combinations With an Excel Sheet

Choosing the right keyword is imperative when beginning a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.

You can get a head start by using Google AdWords.

They offer a free keyword planner tool that will show you how each word ranks in monthly searches as well as what your bid would be if your website came up first in the search results.

The higher your bid, the more expensive it will be to appear at the top of page one, however, those coveted spots are generally where most customers are looking and clicking on links anyway.

Ideally, you want to make sure your desired keywords rank high but also have enough searches for them to matter over time to turn into sales or leads on social media platforms.

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