Why the Georgia Bulldogs Deserve to be Ranked in the AP Top 25

Why the Georgia Bulldogs Deserve to be Ranked in the AP Top 25

While the Georgia Bulldogs did lose to the University of Kentucky this past weekend, they still deserve to be ranked in the AP Top 25 poll.

In fact, they probably even deserve to be higher than their current position of #17, but we’ll see if that holds true when the new rankings are released on Tuesday.

Here are three reasons why Georgia deserves to be ranked this week.

A win against Tennessee helps
There are many college football fans around America who are fed up with rankings and polls, and want nothing more than for these systems to disappear.

These people hate that Alabama is No. 1, even though they have beaten every team on their schedule by at least two touchdowns except LSU which they beat by only four.

They hate that a three-loss Ole Miss team is ranked ahead of a one loss Alabama. But if you’re going to rank teams, then you need to do it right.

And right now, there is no better system out there than USA Today’s Coaches Poll, which ranks teams based on votes from coaches across America.

The Coaches Poll does not rely on computers or formulas or anything else like that it relies solely on expert opinions.

If a coach thinks his team should be ranked higher or lower than another team, he can vote accordingly.

Four out of their next five games are at home

The Dogs’ lone road game during that stretch is against Florida, where they will have revenge on their minds.

If they can keep winning and making strides in each of these categories, we may just see them return to their rightful place within sight of college football’s coveted prize.

The following five games are ranked below:
#25 Washington Huskies at
#7 Stanford Cardinal

(September 14) The Huskies look like one of the most complete teams in college football, but their recent loss at home to Eastern Washington has them dropping out of our top-20 rankings.

A win here would give them a big boost moving forward as they try to repeat as Pac 12 champions.

A Rivalry Game Against Auburn on November 11th

Every year, Auburn battles with UGA for football bragging rights.

But now, they have a chance to claim one of UGA’s other team sports as its own.

Hockey has only been a varsity sport at UGA since 2012 (and playing home games at another school until 2013).

But it wasn’t long before there was a hockey rivalry brewing between Auburn and UGA.

It all started when ACHA Division I club hockey teams got into a bit of an altercation during their 2011 matchup in Atlanta.

College Basketball Rankings Are Only as Accurate as You Let Them Be

In college basketball, national rankings are a hot topic of debate.

The polls and power rankings do give fans something to talk about (whether or not it’s actually accurate).

At times, these rankings can seem like an accurate representation of where each team stands.

Other times, however, they can lead fans down a rabbit hole and convince them that their favorite teams should be ranked higher than they actually deserve to be ranked.

So how is a fan supposed to know whether or not his/her team deserves to be ranked? It all comes down to what you make of it.

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