Why Penn State Football is the Best Team in the USA

Why Penn State Football is the Best Team in the USA

The Nittany Lions have had quite the season, and many fans are wondering what’s next.

Even though their season has come to an end, football fans shouldn’t count Penn State out just yet they still have plenty of time to top all the teams in the country, including the Patriots.

In fact, they might be able to take home the title once again before you know it! Here’s why Penn State football is the best team in the USA.

5 reasons why Penn State is the best college football team

Penn State football has been one of the best college football teams for decades. Here are five reasons why Penn State football is the best team in the country.

1) Penn State football has a winning tradition that cannot be beat, with all but two head coaches since 1950 having winning records.

2) The Nittany Lions have won more national championships than any other Big Ten school, leading to unmatched pride and tradition among alumni and fans alike.

PSU has never won fewer than 8 games

This past season, Penn State football won their first Big Ten Championship since 2008 and their fourth conference title overall.

In addition, they made it to the Rose Bowl for the third time in school history.

They also had two consensus All-Americans who were finalists for the Heisman Trophy.

Lastly, they were ranked #8 in all four major polls at season’s end.

With all this success, it’s easy to see why some people would think that Penn State football is the best team in America.

We always beat Ohio sorry, it’s true!

As we all know, football season has finally come to an end.

And what a season it was!

We had a tough start, but we pulled together and won 8 games in a row to finish 10-2 and win our second Big Ten Championship of the decade.

But that’s not why they call us Linebacker U for nothing. Our defense was just as good as our offense this year with

All Americans like DaQuan Jones and Anthony Zettel and ranked 4th nationally in points allowed per game.

So while I’ll be pulling hard for Clemson tomorrow night Go Tigers!

I have no doubt that my Lions will be victorious at the end of the day!

We have no bad losses. Ever.

Penn State football has a winning record against teams ranked in the AP top 25.

We are undefeated against teams that made it to bowl games this year.

We have never lost a game by more than seven points.

We have never lost an opening game of any season.

We have the best quarterback-to-receiver connection in college football.

We’re ranked No. 1 for wins since 2010 and

No. 2 for total wins over the last 10 years, according to ESPN.

Oh yeah, we don’t lose to Michigan either.

Penn State is a college football powerhouse, with only one loss to Michigan since 1994.

The Nittany Lions are on a roll this season, winning their first nine games.

This includes an impressive victory over Ohio State, who was ranked number two in the country at the time of that game.

They went on to beat Wisconsin and Iowa as well, giving them an undefeated Big Ten record so far.

With 18 consecutive years in the top 25 rankings and 10 Bowl Games, it’s no wonder why we’re considered America’s best college football team!

Our coach gets back on the horse after getting kicked off.

Harder than it looks, too.

Coach Joe Paterno’s career at Pennslyvania State University spans nearly half a century and has been one of the most successful coaching careers in college football history.

He served as head coach for 46 years and won two national championships, but on November 9, 2011

he was fired amid allegations that he had failed to report an incident of sexual abuse by his former assistant coach.

Following his dismissal there were protests on campus by students and alumni demanding his return.

The Board of Trustees refused to reinstate him, but did agree to give him the title of President Emeritus with no compensation.

On January 12th 2012 it was announced that Joe would be returning as the interim head coach.

In light of the recent sanctions imposed by NCAA President Mark Emmert which included a $60 million fine and 4 year ban from postseason play, many people are speculating about what could happen if Joe returns as head coach next season.

We are not Ohio State.

Penn State football has a long history of success.

From Joe Paterno to Bill O’Brien, Penn State football has been led by great coaches and players for decades.

And now we have a coach that embodies all of those great qualities.

James Franklin personifies everything that makes this program so special.

He’s tough, he’s smart, he loves his players and he cares about winning at all costs.

After three weeks into his first season with the Nittany Lions, he has shown that there is no limit to what he can do for this team.

Miles Sanders put up two 100-yard games against Kent State and UCF, Trace McSorley threw two

touchdown passes and returned one interception for a score against Pitt, while eight different receivers caught passes from McSorley during Saturday’s win over UCF.

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