The Top 3 Free Web Traffic Tools That You Need to Know About

The Top 3 Free Web Traffic Tools That You Need to Know About

If you’re an online marketer, then you probably already know that the best way to grow your business and improve your rankings in search engines is through quality web traffic.

The only problem is that hiring an SEO agency to do this for you can be quite expensive, luckily, there are free tools out there that can help you find web traffic on your own.

Here are three free web traffic tools that every online marketer should know about, check them out to see which one might work best for your business!

1) AdEspresso
The best thing about AdEspresso is that it allows you to see, in real time, how your Facebook ads are performing.

If you’re new to social media advertising and not a big numbers person, knowing if your ad has led someone to actually purchase something or whether they just clicked on it can be difficult.

And if you don’t know what works and what doesn’t work, then how do you know when you should tweak your campaigns?

The Top 3 Free Web Traffic Tools That You Need to Know About

With AdEspresso, you can see which aspects of your ads perform best, for example, are people more inclined to click on images with a phone number vs.

one with text?
Are headlines phrased in a certain way most likely not to convince customers?

2) Bitly
Bitly is one of my favorite free tools for tracking how traffic is generated for your website.

It allows you to shorten links, track clicks, find viral content and more.

To use Bitly, all you have to do is input a URL or paste in any link from a webpage or a social media post.

Then Bitly will generate a shortened URL that looks something like:
bitly you can even choose if you want it shortened right away or not.

You’ll get an overview of where your clicks are coming from and be able to search through past links with ease.

There’s also mobile apps available so you can keep track of your stats on-the go.

The Top 3 Free Web Traffic Tools That You Need to Know About

3) SumoMe
SumoMe is a popular tool for creating social share buttons and an email opt-in box on your website.

This can help you increase traffic by making it easy for people to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.

SumoMe also offers an analytics dashboard where you can see how many people are visiting your site and clicking through to your web pages based on what links they clicked on like which of their friends’ posts they shared or liked.

It’s useful if you want multiple team members contributing content you can track who’s most successful at driving traffic with individual tools like social media accounts or blogs.

And you don’t have to pay any setup or usage fees.