The Best Free Tool to Check Your WordPress Site

The Best Free Tool to Check Your WordPress Site

We all want to keep our WordPress site safe and secure, and there are plenty of free tools you can use to check your WordPress site,

but there’s only one that gets the job done quickly and easily, thanks to some helpful features that aren’t available in other free tools.

Here’s how to use the best free tool to check your WordPress site, step by step.

Why you need a plugin like this
If you’re a blogger, it’s critical that your site is up and running at all times.

If you host your site yourself, you need plugins that will allow you to monitor your server.

This plugin will send you email alerts if any issues arise with your site or server so that can be resolved ASAP.

What it does
SaaS is all about making your life easier by building applications that handle complex tasks in an elegant, simple way.

Pingdom Website Speed Test is an online tool that will analyze your website’s load time and

performance across devices and platforms, then present you with a speed score.

You can also monitor how changes you make affect performance over time.

it will alert you so you can fix them before they impact your SEO rankings or cost you customers.

Why it’s the best
WP Validator is one of my favorite, go-to tools for checking a site’s readiness for launch.

It checks basic HTML, CSS and loads of other features which I don’t know a thing about,

so it’s great as a way to double check you haven’t made any major errors while coding up your site.

Plus, it’s totally free!

How easy it is to use
Just copy and paste your URL into a text box, and then hit enter.

You’ll get detailed information about your site, as well as suggestions for optimizing it for speed.

This will help you cut down on load times and ensure search engines can easily crawl through your site.

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