Snapchat’s Best Features: What’s New and How to Use Them

Snapchat’s Best Features: What’s New and How to Use Them

Snapchat has taken the world by storm, making it one of the most popular social media platforms in existence.

If you’re already a user, you know exactly what we mean if not, keep reading to find out why you should download it right now!

Snapchat’s best features are easy to use, extremely helpful and make communicating with your friends even more fun than it was before!

So what are these cool new Snapchat features? Find out on the next page.

Swipe Up

For a long time, it was hard to know what Snapchat Stories looked like in full-screen mode.

So in 2017, the company debuted a swipe up functionality for Stories that lets users swipe up on any Snapchatter’s Story from the camera screen to enter full-screen mode.

This feature has changed social media storytelling forever by making it possible for anyone with a smartphone and Snapchat account (even if they’re not near your local event or exhibition) to experience events that are too big or exclusive for a live audience.

The new Story feed layout also reflects how people interact with their smartphones more:

They don’t scroll side-to-side anymore but rather vertically, either because of one handed usage or scrolling fatigue.

The Legends Bar

In October 2016, Snapchat released their newest update.

It includes new options such as The Legends Bar, Memories, and Chat 2.0 that offer a faster way of accessing features without searching through the menu screens.

The new toolbar can be pulled up by swiping right on the camera screen.

To access previous features like Stories or Camera mode, you’ll need to tap on More.

This new design is great because it provides an option to control what you want see while scrolling through your feed whether that be chatting with friends or posting content from around the world.

AR Games

One of the most notable features to be added in recent updates is AR Games.

It lets you play real life interactive games like basketball and Frisbee on your Snapchat!

I used this feature for a minute, but I found it more captivating when my older siblings got home from school.

It was cool seeing them throw the Frisbee into their friends’ faces! And they seemed pretty good at shooting hoops too I’m sure it wasn’t because they’re 6ft tall.

One downside though, is that you don’t really get to use AR games while in class (or any other boring place).

I guess that doesn’t really matter too much because Snap can provide the entertainment we need.

Save Streaks

One new update is the addition of a ‘streak’ for users that are matched with one another and continue snapping each other everyday.

If you match a friend, but have yet to snap them, you can still start a streak by taking the time to match with them.

You’ll be able to see how many days it has been since your last interaction if it is within 24 hours, giving you an opportunity to snap them back!

Streaks show up as circles next to their names in your best friends list so they’re easier than ever to keep up with.

Now you can always keep tabs on who you’ve been snapping all day long!

Custom Emojis

One of the latest updates for Snapchat is Custom Emojis.

This means that you are able to upload a photo from your gallery and create your own custom emoji.

This creates the ability for users to change their photo icon in any way they would like.

Uploading the photo will automatically give you an(apk file) You can upload as many photos as you like, but one photo equals one emoji icon.

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