How to Write the Perfect Guest Post for Your Site

How to Write the Perfect Guest Post for Your Site

A guest post on your site is one of the best ways to gain traffic and get the attention of people in your niche.

However, writing the perfect guest post isn’t as easy as it might seem at first glance.

Not only do you need to pitch a great topic, but your writing has to be top notch and you have to know how to play nice with other bloggers and their content so that they can promote you in turn.

Here are some tips on how to write the perfect guest post for your site!

Keep it short
A guest post shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to read.

If your content is too long, most people won’t finish it (and probably won’t even start).

When writing a guest post, think of how much you can explain in a short period of time not just how much you want to share.

If you find yourself writing sentences that seem overly long, try breaking them up into smaller chunks and see if you can use short and sweet paragraphs instead.

In general, aim for fewer than 600 words per post.

Use an intro to hook readers
If you want people to actually read your guest post and click through, you have to do more than just throw up a link and an intro.

The first step is writing an engaging intro that captures your readers’ attention.

This shouldn’t be hard if you have something useful or interesting to say but it’s vital if you don’t (see below).

If your post is worth reading, it should probably get shared on social media, which means you need a snappy ending that encourages social sharing. Remember:

It isn’t enough just to write something good, your content has to present itself well too.

Start with a story (but not too long!)
You could write a fantastic guest post, but no one will read it if you don’t hook them from line one.

So start with a story that sets up your expertise.

Why are you an expert on your topic? What can you teach readers about how to create their best life?

The moment people connect with what you’re talking about, they’ll want to keep reading.

This is why many bloggers like using something personal at the beginning of their posts not just so readers feel more connected, but also because it allows them to build an emotional bond with their readers faster.

What is it that makes readers need what you have to say?

Use personal experience or humor whatever it takes!

Focus on solving the reader’s problem
Since guest posts are rarely longer than 1,000 words, it’s likely you’ll have a lot of white space on your page.

It’s important that what you do write is engaging, entertaining and actionable so think about how you can add value by solving a problem or meeting a need.

In other words, don’t just restate common knowledge in an attempt to pad out your post make sure your content has unique value so readers leave with something they couldn’t get anywhere else.

Include actionable advice
When you publish a guest post on your site, you want it to be interesting, informative and most importantly actionable.

Readers come to your site seeking advice and help with their business challenges.

Give them what they need by including actionable advice in your posts that inspires them to try something new and apply what they’ve learned back at work.

This will earn trust with your readers, increase reader engagement and lead directly to a rise in conversions down the road.

Don’t be afraid of giving direct advice in a guest post.

Add in resources where applicable
Writing a guest post is a great way to boost traffic and grow your audience.

It’s also a great way to get some fresh eyes on your work and hopefully, some new fans.

But what if you can’t write it yourself? Or you’re looking for ways to improve your pitches?

Here are tips and advice from professionals on how to handle guest posting without feeling over whelmed:

If you’re not sure where or how to start looking for opportunities, try sites like Contently and MediaBistro, which act as matchmakers between publishers and bloggers or journalists.

End with another story
or relatable anecdote

The point of your story is not to seek sympathy or connect emotionally with readers, it’s to show them how they can relate their own lives and struggles back to your topic.

In other words, demonstrate why they should care about your message and pay attention.

Wrap up main points with a takeaway quote
After you’ve discussed your main points, look back over them and try to express a main takeaway.

This can be something inspirational You deserve happiness! Go out there and find it!

or practical (If you take advantage of social media marketing, I guarantee your business will benefit in ways you never thought possible!).

Then, tie everything together with a final quote: So go do it!

Tag people who can help promote your content use tools like HARO
Help a Reporter Out.

This is a free tool that connects reporters and bloggers with experts.

It’s easy to use and can be very powerful for getting your guest post in front of a lot of readers.

You can either sign up as an expert or as a reporter blogger who wants someone’s help.

Use it and gain more exposure from people reading your guest post on other sites.

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