How to Monetize Your Facebook Page to Maximize Your Social Media Net Worth

How to Monetize Your Facebook Page to Maximize Your Social Media Net Worth

Social media has become such an integral part of our lives that it’s often hard to remember what life was like before it existed.

But the fact remains that social media doesn’t pay the bills and can also cut into your productivity if you don’t learn how to harness its power to grow your business and maximize your social media net worth.

If you have a Facebook page, here are some tips for using it to help your business grow and reach new customers and clients through the power of social media.

Use An Effective Call To Action

One of the most important things you can do to convert your traffic into leads and customers is to implement an effective call-to-action (CTA).

A CTA, in a nutshell, tells readers what action you want them to take. For example, instead of just posting Like us on Facebook!

use a CTA that tells readers why they should take action:

Like us on Facebook for our top 10 facts about

Run A Promotional Contest On Facebook

The way you can successfully monetize your Facebook page is by running a promotional contest.

Unlike most social media platforms, you don’t get paid for your content directly on Facebook, instead, you must use an app to run a contest.

The promotion doesn’t have to be complicated it could be as simple as asking people what they think of your product or asking them to upload their favorite picture.

As with all promotions, there are some best practices that will help increase your chances of success

Host An Exclusive Giveaway

A giveaway is a great way to bring in a crowd and drive traffic to your site.

This can be as simple as posting a contest on your wall.

But if you really want results, put some time into it and set up an exclusive giveaway with several ways for people to enter.

It’s important that they know they’re getting something valuable—so keep it special.

You don’t have to give away $10,000 worth of stuff every day, just make sure that each person who enters feels like they’re getting something special by doing so. Remember:

The more value you give away, the more valuable you become.

Create a Community, Not Just A Page

The easiest way to build a page that succeeds is to start by building a community.

If you think of your page as an outlet for sharing news, then it’s easy to overlook how important connecting with others can be.

A large part of why people join groups is because they want company or at least that’s one of my many reasons for joining groups on social media.

Be sure you set up a group first when creating your page.

This way, once you do go live, there will already be people waiting and watching!

You’ll be able to connect with them immediately and have more influence from day one as opposed to starting from scratch.

Promote Sponsored Posts From Friends, Family and Other Influencers
Want to make more money from your page?

Consider adding sponsored posts from family, friends and other businesses that use your page as an advertising platform.

By promoting their content and linking back to them, you can make a little money off of their efforts while still keeping control of your main feed.

Of course, before agreeing on anything with others, make sure they’re aware that you may promote something of theirs on your page, they should be totally onboard with it or it could come across as deceiving or spammy.

Monitor Engagement with Your Posts

While you can’t directly convert engagement into dollars and cents, it does provide a valuable indication of how well your content is resonating with your audience.

If you’re publishing high-quality content and getting lots of engagement, that means people are liking, commenting on and sharing your posts.

The more often people do these things, especially relative to your competitors, means you’re doing something right.

Use analytics tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Insights to find out what’s working best for your brand.

You might notice certain topics generating more social media shares than others, or see which times of day are most popular for posting particular types of content.

All of these insights could help inform future social media marketing strategies.