How to get the right pool cue stick?

How to get the right pool cue stick?

Whether it’s your first chance to learn how to play pool or you’re a pro player.

There is a different key consideration that will not only enhance your pool experience and learning.

Before jumping right into the pool tables, picking up a pool cue stick that hits the ball aimlessly, here is the first step to the trouble of playing pool.

Why not start with choosing the right pool cue patient?

Here are some factors that will help you to find the right pool cue stick according to your individual needs and specifications.

Q-tip diameter

Cue tips come in a variety of sizes, and the diameter of the cue tip can have a significant effect on your game.

While pole cue tips with smaller diameters help modern players to spin sideways on English cueballs, larger diameter tips help newborns to pocket the ball more easily.

Large diameter cue tips of about 13 mm are often recommended for new players. The large surface area of ​​the cue tip can help you land on extremely difficult shots.

As your pool skills improve, you can try out smaller cue tips and work on your side spin.


Leather and linen envelopes are available, as well as no wrap

Keep in mind that you should hold the wrapping part of the cue with your back hand, which means it will come in contact with a large part of your flesh.

If you sweat a lot, a delicate linen or leather wrap that can absorb too much fluid is best.

You can also use a rubber grip, but it will soon wear off and become slippery.

In any case, avoid bare wood or fiberglass as they will not give you a good grip on your signal and may slip after a while.

Cue stick weight

Cue sticks are also available in different weights.

It is important to consider your skill level when choosing the weight of your stick, just as you would when choosing a cue tip diameter.

Professional billiards players use pool sticks that weigh about 19 ounces, but newborns should use pool sticks that are a little lighter around 15 ounces while learning that these hard shots are easily pocketed. How to bring

Even if you hit the cue ball slightly out of center, when you hit it with a light cue stick, it is more likely to travel in the direction you intend.

The length of the cue

When buying a new pool cue for your game, the first thing you should look for is a perfectly straight pool cue of appropriate length.

It should be about the length of your arm to give you complete control over your game.

Anyone standing between 5 feet 8 inches and 6 feet 5 inches can comfortably use a normal two-piece cue with a length of 58 inches.

People taller than that may need to order up to 61 inches long. The 48 inch or 52 inch gesture is recommended for children or people of normal height.

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