Apply for the Ehsaas Kifalat Program in 2022

Apply for the Ehsaas Kifalat Program in 2022

Education plays an important role in the development of the young generation, specifically those aged between 5 and 12 years old.

During this formative stage, children develop their cognitive abilities as well as their motor skills through play and physical activity in order to be ready for formal schooling later on in life.

To cater to this critical stage of development, Ehsaas has implemented the Ehsaas Kifalat program to help support underprivileged children around Islamabad.

You can help by applying to join the program in 2022 or you can make your donation today so that they can continue to provide educational opportunities to these deserving children!

The Ehsaas Foundation
Building Healthy Futures for Pakistan’s Youth:

The Ehsaas Foundation is an international humanitarian organization that has been promoting positive youth development and healthy lifestyles since 1997.

We develop, implement, and evaluate evidence-based programs based on best practices within each country we work in to help ensure that every individual young person has access to quality services.

We promote education through our educational sponsorship program, fund research into best practices around prevention of drug abuse among youth,

provide training and support services to substance abuse counselors and other practitioners in our network of affiliated organizations, and more.

Apply for the Ehsaas Kifalat Program in 2022

Our goal is to advance equity through human potential by providing sound programs designed specifically for those most at risk or vulnerable within our community.

The Program
The Ehsaas Kifalat program is a three year job and volunteer opportunity abroad.

We will provide you with everything you need to be successful in your endeavors, including room and board, transportation, medical assistance, and training.

You will take on regular jobs at first but will move up quickly as you demonstrate your skills.

The best candidates are hard workers who enjoy helping others, people who don’t mind living frugally, people who are not afraid of rejection.

Our mission is to help you grow both professionally and personally through your experiences over these three years.

How to Apply?
The application to join EKP is conducted annually.

All interested applicants must fill out an application and submit all materials by January 1st of their senior year.

The applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis until April 1st, at which point acceptance letters will be sent out to candidates who meet our minimum qualification criteria.

Apply for the Ehsaas Kifalat Program in 2022

Candidates who receive an acceptance letter are required to schedule an interview with our admissions staff before August 1st at their convenience.

Applicants will not be contacted about interviews until they have been officially accepted into EKP.

Information about the Program
The Ehsaas Kifalat Program is a year-long full-time program, provided free of charge to selected candidates.

Based on education, interpersonal skills and attitude, up to 30 persons will be chosen by a selection committee every year.

In 2022 more than thirty candidates will participate in an integrated training designed to develop their competencies and experience.

Trainees will start from scratch but finish equipped with advanced knowledge that can help them launch their careers or continue to develop their existing professional skills.

Each candidate has been assigned a Mentor who gives him/her advice and assistance throughout his/her career during its first three years at least.

After completing two months of basic training at Aptilon Headquarters in Paris, he/she must attend four months at its headquarters abroad.

Highlights of the Application Form
​ You’ll need to share: Your name, date of birth, and contact information as well as your address, family status (single or married), nationality, and driver’s license number.

Additionally, you must provide details about your educational qualifications, including your passport number.

It is also essential that you share information about your work experience including copies of all pay slips from your previous employment.

Apply for the Ehsaas Kifalat Program in 2022

Finally, you will need to include your credit card number (to be used for immigration purposes) and a copy of a utility bill with proof of address such as an electricity bill or telephone bill.

If possible upload all documents electronically before mailing them this saves time when it comes to submitting forms!

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