10 Ways to Get Your Blog Approved

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10 Ways to Get Your Blog Approved

You’ve just completed your first draft of a new blog and you’re ready to publish it but what happens next?

There are plenty of ways to get more attention on your site, but one of the best ways to boost traffic is to get your newly published content approved as quickly as possible by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Here are ten tips that will help you fast-track the approval process.

1) Keywords
Submit your blog post. You need a list of keywords associated with your niche and with your audience in mind.

Look for key phrases that are used frequently by customers and prospects interested in your content.

Avoid over-optimizing, which can get you into trouble with search engines include just enough keywords to make it easy for people searching for a topic in your industry to find you but not so many that they overshadow other important content on your page.

2) Description
Getting your own weblog approved is one of those necessary yet tedious jobs that all bloggers need to take care of eventually.

It is a bit of a pain, and it can take a lot of time if you do not know how to go about doing it.

To make sure that you get your weblog approved quickly, follow these 10 easy steps.

They will not only help you get your weblog up fast, but also make sure that it sticks around for a long time.

3) Best keywords are often plural words
Focus on keywords that are two or more words.

Google and other search engines like these types of phrases because they usually indicate concepts and information, not specific products.

For example, hotels in london is a much better keyword than london hotels.

Keywords with at least two words are 50% more likely to lead to traffic than single-word keywords.

If you want your content to be found by your audience, try including long-tail keywords with three or more words.

4) Focus on the benefits rather than features
For most people, fast approval is a major benefit.

If you want to get your software or product approved quickly, focus on that benefit in your marketing campaign.

(For example, if you’re pitching a new computer game for pre-teens, talk about how fast approval makes it easy for your intended audience to download and play games.)

This focuses potential customers on why they would want something rather than what it does.

5) Avoid technical language
Focus on using basic, non-technical language.

If you can’t get your idea across simply and clearly in writing, then you probably won’t be able to do it in code.

You don’t need a fancy degree or specialized vocabulary just common sense.

Simple words work best: avoid complicated phrases whenever possible.

6) Title Tag should be keyword rich
Title tags are a crucial element of on-page SEO.

These titles show up in search engine results and determine what people see when they Google your site.

Keep title tags short and sweet, but also keyword rich so that you can get your company’s website noticed by search engines, customers, and other interested parties.

7) Meta Description
How to fast approval your Tumbr -Ways to get your blog approved Meta Description2:

Tumbr is a personal dashboard where you get in control and stay up-to-date with everything happening on and with your website.

8) Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and Image Alt Texts all need to be unique

When you’re trying to get your WordPress website approved for a search engine, it’s essential that all of your title tags, meta descriptions and image alt texts are unique.

It doesn’t matter how many times you add a word or phrase in one of these areas as long as they’re different from what other sites are using.

9) Use relevant categories and tags
Sites like Technorati and Digg only have so much room for new content, which means that your post will get buried if you don’t use relevant categories and tags.

If your site is focused on technology, tags like software and mobile devices are going to be more important than tags like cupcakes.

It should go without saying that keywords like cupcakes won’t do anything for you anyway.

10) Promote, then wait…and watch your stats.

Promoting your new site takes time and effort.

Luckily, you don’t have to push it too hard simply get your site out there, and let people find it.

Promote it across social media channels and forums where you’re a member, send links by email to friends, colleagues, or anyone who might be interested in your topic.

Then sit back for a few days and watch what happens!

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